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"Prepping" for prom early - need suggestions


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DD went to a friend's sweet 16 birthday party last night.  It worked "like" a mini prom inasmuch as many of the girls wore floor length dresses.  There were mostly girls there and only a few guys.  More guys were expected but didn't show.


DD is a senior and we're making plans now to go all out (kinda) for her prom this coming April.  It's time consuming when having to "shop" for everything.  More about that in a minute.


DD looks similar to Sabrina Carpenter in hair color/style/length, etc.  DD has green/hazel eyes. 


She is interested in wearing black for her senior prom.  Other prom years she's worn deep blue purple, jewel green and lt. pink.  Next prom she wants to go dramatic and sophisticated.   At this point she does not have a date (she doesn't date) but it would be nice if one of her guy friends would ask her.


This morning I called our hair stylist and she said that she would create a few looks on dd to see what hair style would be best.  First buy the dress.  Style of dress dictates hair style.  Then we take pics and take those to a make-up artist to have her make-up professionally done.


My hair stylist will not charge for the "practice" do's and will charge $45 for the actual hairdo for the event.


I'm having a hard time thinking of how to go about finding a make-up artist. One that will work with dress style/color, dd's style(do) and color, etc. to have the "special" mature look. 


Where would I go?  To a beauty school?  My hair stylist said they would charge to practice but not nearly the price of retail.  Ulta?  Mall?  But, I want someone who knows their craft/trade to make this a success for dd. 



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Kimberly,   I may repost for additional responses in a week or two OR keep this going for a while :)


This will end up being a costly (for us) prom at about $350 for:


prom ticket  50

dress  150 max

professional hair stylist 45 + tip

professional make up artist  ???  guess 50-75 (tip?)

maybe clutch  15-20


She also has shoes to match any dress! 


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Can she get a rental or dress at that price*? I was floored recently when I heard the price of a rental for someone we know that is part of a homecoming court.


*in the style she wants

That's just smart.  I mentioned the dd this is expensive for a single-use event.  I will mention to her and check it out.   THANKS!

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Might she wear the same size a model would wear?  If so, check out an upscale consignment store.   I'd been depressed when I shopped for a reunion dress at those stores because all the formal dresses were small sizes.  I was thinking only people in the tiny sizes went to parties requiring formal wear.  Then someone explained to me that upscale stores will have fashion shows and the models keep the dresses as their payment.   There is only so many formals that a teenager needs, so they end up in the consignment store.  


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