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Used textbook and Workbook purchased from Buyback Express on Amazon


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These were our first purchases from Buyback Express in Alton IL, but in the future, if they have what we need at the right price, they will be my first choice Seller.


We bought the textbook and workbook for DD's Spanish 3 course from them, in separate transactions. Both books were listed on Amazon in Used-Good condition and in the comments, they said Clean Mark-Free Interior. 


DD inspected them and they could have been listed somewhere between Very Good and LIke New on Amazon.


Buyback Express shipped both of our orders, which were placed about 12 days apart, very quickly.  They are located in IL, near St. Louis MO.  Both shipments, with $3.99 Standard Shipping, arrived very quickly, in Miami, FL, USA.  


The second order, I placed on Amazon on a Sunday. The next day, Monday, was Columbus Day. It was shipped and in the hands of DHL GlobalMail on Monday. The following Friday, it was in Miami, FL.


The 2 books were delivered to our house in Colombia yesterday, by our Receiver/Forwarder, in the same carton with the 2 pairs of eyeglasses we ordered from ZenniOptical.com


I am very happy, based on these 2 books, with Buyback Express.  

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