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Amazing current deals


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I don't know that it counts as an amazing deal, but thru tomorrow Target is offering a $25 gift card for $100 spent on games and toys. Since I'm trying to finish a big chunk of Christmas shopping, this was good news for me.


Awesome.  I didn't see that.


But Target has one for baby stuff spend $125 and get a 20 gc

or spend $200 and get a $40 GC


I am buying some new carseats so this is good news to me.  I am even paying with some old GCs I have.



So I bought a Britax Frontier ClickTight for $272


I had to pay $15 in tax

free shipping


I got a $40 GC 

Plus 6 bucks back from Ebates.



I will probably sell her old seat on CL.  It isn't expired.

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We arent seeing the cheap food prices here in high COL land, but we have seen some of the seasonal produce from regional farmers drop. Carrots from field to grocer are 99 cents a lb, thats the usual price for something thin and bagged out of cold storage. Evaporated milk is a dollar a can, usually its app 55 cents on sale, so mayb e there is potential as we get closer to Thanksgiving. Chicken breast is 1.99/lb, tuna still a dollar a can. Beef has dropped about 50 cents a lb. Really havent seen much effect of lowered fuel prices.

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Oh just saw this.


If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get $60 worth of free Amazon Credits when you upload one photo to Prime Photos 

Here’s how to get your credit:

  1. Upload a photo to Prime Photos by signing into your Prime account and saving a photo to your free unlimited photo storage as a Prime member.
  2. Check your e-mail after November 3rd for the $60 worth of credits in the form of 3 separate discount codes: $20 credit towards computers and tablets, $30 credit towards camera, and $10 credit towards software.
  3. Use your codes by December 3rd when they expire.
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