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need textbook to go with Thinkwell Chem

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So... ds is enjoying the lectures & doing ok but even taking notes & printing out a copy of the lecture notes he does not have enough info on some subjects. It seems some of the lectures are either moving very quickly or anticipating a higher level of background info than he has. 

I think he'd benefit from a good text that he could use to read along with the lecture topics.  Anyone have a favourite? If there's something that people love as a good primer at this level - does not have to be full curriculum because it would be just to supplement the lectures - , pls chime in & tell me what to buy :) 




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Zumdahl's chem is okay to complement Thinkwell chemistry. A NJ high school posted a pdf http://www.woodbridge.k12.nj.us/cms/lib010/NJ01913008/Centricity/Domain/646/Chemistry_Z.pdf


I am looking for a used copy of Chang as well to complement because my kids like having more than one textbook.


My kids also watched all the crash course videos for chemistry on YouTube. We are using the labpaq chem kit for hands on labs.

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