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Weird food combinations


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Just for fun--

I like bread and butter pickles with swiss cheese.

Steamed broccoli with vinegar.

Strawberry jam sandwiches with cheddar cheese.

Dry cornflakes with cheddar cheese.

Pickled beets with blue cheese.

Vanilla ice cream with Fritos.


I have a kid who would not eat asparagus without syrup to kill the taste.



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My dh, and my two youngest love  pepperoni slices with peanut butter.  Their favorite Sunday night supper.


My family thinks it's weird that I like leftover spaghetti sauce over canned green beans. 

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I like tuna sandwich, with soda, chips on the side and....chocolate cookies (especially oreos). I eat about 3 bites of a sandwich and then a bite of cookie.  Something about the combination of a sweet bite periodically that just feels like childhood to me. LOL

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