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Book Recommendations: Pioneer/Frontier Life

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I'm looking for book recommendations for life in Pioneer/Early Colonial America. My son has already read Caddie Woodlawn, Sign of the Beaver, and Sing Down the Moon, and enjoyed all of them. Middle school reading and maturity level. Can be from the perspective of the settlers, the Native Americans, or slaves, as long as it is not too graphic. He is understandably pretty disturbed by what happened to slaves and Native Americans, but he understands the importance of viewing history through different eyes. Thanks so much!

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The Birchbark House series

Little Britches

Little House on the Prairie series (DD liked On the Banks of Plum Creek best, but there's also Farmer Boy, though his parents weren't pioneers)

Sarah, Plain and Tall

The Ballad of Lucy Whipple

Sophia's War: A Tale of the Revolution

The Matchlock Gun


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The Matchlock Gun (settlers)

Johnny Tremain (colonists in Boston in the 1770s)

Amos Fortune, Free Man (Africans in Massachusetts in the late 1700's)

Amistad (Africans in Massachusetts later on)

Ishii In Two Worlds (CA Native Americans in the late 1800s)

Patty Reed's Doll (the Donner party, CA settlers in the late 1800s)


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