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Dual Enrollment and NCAA Requirements

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Hi there!  I'm new to all this homeschooling stuff.  We recently moved to Iowa over the summer and recently have been studying more about its' homeschool laws, etc.  My three kids have attended a classical school the past 5 years in Kansas City, MO and 3 years in Texas. 


It's not for certain but next year my oldest son, Matthew who is a sophomore at a public high school, is liking the idea of being able to take college courses and be able to get credit both for High school transcript and college transfer at whatever college he gets accepted.  He is also trying to obtain a soccer scholarship and is currently registered with NCAA.  Does NCAA allow college credits as high school requirements? I'm hoping I'm asking this question as clearly as possible.   Matthew wants to obtain both an academic and soccer scholarship and major in Engineering.  His aspirations are to play college soccer and if good enough, play beyond college but still have a backup plan by majoring in Engineering. 


My younger son is currently a freshman at a private Christian school but financially we are not able to keep up with tuition costs for both him and our daughter next school year.  He likes the idea of taking high school courses through the college to obtain college credit while at the high school level.  His major is not set but he's thinking engineering or veterinary science.  


Could someone out there help me get on the right path for making sure Matthew gets whatever requirements are allowed through NCAA while taking college general ed requirements but still be counted as high school classes as well.  Boy I sure hope I'm making sense here!  Forgive me if it's all too wordy!!!



Dubuque, IA

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Go to the NCAA site http://web3.ncaa.org/ECWR2/NCAA_EMS/NCAA.jsp

NCAA eligibility is weird.  I had to fill out paperwork for a student once, and they approved my class (yay!), but there were a lot of pages to fill out.  I would think that dual enrollment credit would actually be easier, since they're looking to make sure that people aren't just passing their students and giving them the grades that will keep them eligible - an official college transcript might help.  Definitely read their information and ask questions on their site. 

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