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Best test prep books for---AP US Gov, AP Psych, AP Eng, & SAT Math 2?

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I went to buy test prep books on amazon and there are so many.  Ideally, I'd like to just find one. I know the Blue Books are the best place to check out the SAT 2 subject exams.  Other than the Blue Books.....any suggestions for the best test prep books for AP US Gov, AP Eng (Lang & Lit), AP Psych, and Math SAT 2? 


Thank you!


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Thanks, OnMyOwn! I didn't think to check those boards.

Have you seen anything about John Chung's SAT math prep books? It seems to me I've heard that name mentioned, but I can't remember where.

I did see a couple of people mention the Chung book, but I only read 10 of the 20 pages of the CC thread, lol. At that point, I was definitely thinking I'd buy Barron's, but maybe I'll skim the rest of that thread tonight and see if there is anything else about Chung's.



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As far as AP Psychology goes, I used "prep scholar" & reviews on Amazon to choose prep books. We went with Barron's and 5 Steps to a 5. What I liked about the site listed below was that it provided the pros and cons of books and highlighted what was best for a certain type of student. I also like that it is pretty current.




I believe they also list other sources for other subjects and such. Half way down the blog page is a search box on the right side, just enter the "subject" and "prep book" and it gives you the recent blog with recommendations.


Good luck!

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