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Mouses or mice??

Renthead Mommy

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Google tells me that both terms are widespread and acceptable. You should go with whichever one you prefer. However, if you want to go with the majority, the ngram viewer tells me it is definitely "mouse devices", with "mice" the clear and obvious second. (Mouse devices" is plainly the term used by people who are unsure themselves what the plural is and want to avoid getting pushback from grammar nazis. Really, sounds like the sort of thing you'll find in a computer manual rather than in normal speech.)

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What if one is attached and the other wireless? That makes them different, like monies.


We should figure this out, because ya know there's never only one mouse.


I can honestly say I have never used the term monies whether the money in question was the same or different.  It has always been money.


My husband works in IT.  He's never heard anyone say mouses seriously.  It is always mice no matter if they are different or not.

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