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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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As I predicted we are all sick now.


I cry inside when one kid starts sneezing, because I know there is no hope for the whole house.


I had such a fun weekend planned





Post office  ( didn't do them yesterday)


Yesterday was such a horrible day.  



Grocery store



Nothing else

Watch tv and take naps. 

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1. Take daughter to piano competition

2. Wait (patiently?) for results from honor choir audition

3. Work on organizing craft/sewing room

4. Work on Bible lesson for AWANA tomorrow

5. Stop by grocery store


Update: Not a good day. We found out just before leaving for piano competition, that while she made the honors girls choir, she did not make the honor mixed choir (harder to get into). Good, right. No, she made the mixed choir the last too years. So she is in tears.


And the piano competition was a disaster. She forgot one whole page of a song she has been playing from memory all week.


At least grocery shopping and the Bible lesson are done.

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We are having (extremely rare) company over for dinner so I'll be cleaning house.  There will be some stacking of stuff in bedrooms but lots of mopping, vacuuming, dusting, wiping, and spraying.  yippee.


I'm teaching Sunday School tomorrow so I need to prepare some kind of lesson and craft at some point today.

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