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Should dd fill in all questions/sections on the PSAT that ask for personal information?

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I see she will be asked for info for Student Search information for colleges and that type of thing. I want to make sure to let her know ahead of time if there is any of that she should NOT fill in, for any reason.


But I'm having trouble discerning that, not knowing what questions they may ask and for what purpose.


Would there be any reason to NOT fill in all personal info they ask for on the PSAT?


ie-would we want all her info going to colleges or wherever they send it?


(she is 11th grade-first time taking PSAT, or any test of that magnitude!)





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I was going to have my DD take the PSAT this year, but she just began 10th grade. One of the things I want her to do is to indicate interest in is the National Hispanic thing.  That's not a Scholarship, but if she is in the group that qualifies, it is a plus on a university application and may lead to Scholarships, etc.   I discovered the National Hispanic thing is for students who are in the 11th grade, as your DD is, so postponed it until next year...


The thing I am going to have my DD do, is sign up for another Gmail account before she begins taking tests like the PSAT and looking at universities and scholarships, etc.   I will tell her that "99% of the emails you receive you will delete, but occasionally, there might be one that is very interesting."


If your DD is a U.S. Citizen, there are things in addition to National Merit, which one can indicate an interest in.  There is a link on the CollegeBoard.Org web site as I recall, that shows the different things.


GL to your DD on the PSAT!

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