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Sending ACT/SAT scores to colleges


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DS knew he wanted to apply ED a while ago, but was waiting on making a final decision until he had visited one of his top choices (on paper). It was a good thing he waited because he definitely does not want to apply early there. Anyway, since his ED choice was unsure, I sent his ACT scores and SAT subject test scores to the three schools where he was considering applying early a while ago.


We've decided that we should send scores to any schools on his list that have Jan 1st regular decision deadlines, in case he doesn't get into his ED school. My question is, if he will hear from the ED school Dec. 15th, is it too tight to wait until then to send scores to the schools that have Jan 15th regular decision deadlines? If he isn't accepted Dec 15, we can send the scores immediately, which gives them a month to get there. However, it is a month with a bunch of holidays. Am I trying to save a few bucks and potentially causing disaster?



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