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Please explain the Hive puzzles from Beast 5B logic chapter


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4B logic hive puzzles?  


If yes, then every hexagon must have the smallest number that's not written in an adjacent hexagon.  So if a hexagon touches three others that contain 2,3, and 4, then the mystery number is 1 because that's the smallest number not already used.  If it were instead touching hexagons with 1, 2, and 3, then it would be a 4.  Or if it were touching hexagons with 1, 2, and 4, it would be a 3.  If you had an empty hexagon touching a 4 and a 2, you'd fill it with a 1 (and said 4 would have to be touching a 2 and a 3 besides that 1).  You can't ever have hexagons with the same number touching, but you may have a number used more than once in the same puzzle (just not in adjacent hexagons).  Clear as mud?


If those are not the hive puzzles you ask of, then I'm with daijobu in needing a page number.

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