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entomology in 4h.... help me

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If your children have done this before, please help!

If I'm reading the guidelines correctly we can make a notebook (which, without a printer or good camera isn't feasible) or a collection box. No other options. This is not a project I want my kids to do, but the club is mandating it (Though, no project leader). Option b it is. But what do we NEED to do this? And how do we store the insects until we are ready to make the display box?


I wish we had leaders....

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Purdue Extension has a ton of stuff for the 4H entomology. I used a lot of their materials to help create a class for DD last year.


Here's what I found last year (this may be more than you need)





We did not do a collection, except via photographs and catch/release. DD feels strongly about not killing animals unless it's absolutely necessary, so I can't help there.

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