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Instant pot question on time for cooking vege soup


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I have been trying to find a way to like my Instant Pot. I do like it for cooking mashed potatoes and it did a good job on pot roast. Other things have been more trouble than cooking them conventionally. 


I thought with soup season upon us that I could come to love the instant pot. Quick vegetable soup was on my mind tonight. I pressed "soup" and after coming to pressure, it has 240 on the timer! What the heck!  I could do it on the stove in less time. Is that really necessary? 


I am cooking a basic vegetable soup. The vegetables (cabbage, onions, carrots, celerty) need to soften--that's pretty much all. 


How much time would you cook it for? 

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I would cook for 10 min. Good luck!


Agreed. I cooked a soup with chunks of potato, carrot, and broccoli and cauliflower stems (plus lots of other veggies) for 10 minutes, with a natural pressure release, and that was more than enough time. I probably could have gotten away with 8. If I were you, I'd do 10 minutes and a 10 minute natural release and see how the carrots are. You could always put it back on for another few minutes if you need to. 


240 minutes might be a stock/broth setting. It's absolutely overkill for soup.


Are you a member of the Instant Pot community on Facebook? It's huge and crazy, and you can learn anything you ever wanted to know about the IP there. When I'm not sure about something, I search there and almost always find an answer. 


About loving it, I've found that it doesn't always save me too much time. For me, the benefit has been in being able to set the thing going and walk away without having to stand over a pot, stirring and adjusting, worrying about the bottom getting gunked up, forgetting and walking away for too long, etc. I also really appreciated not heating my whole house up in the summer. So even if there's not much time savings for me, it ultimately makes my life easier in other ways. Does it help at all if you look at it like that?

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