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Techies help me think this through.....


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I am building a tech project for my kitchen.  I want:


A touch screen computer monitor in 20" or larger that will interface wireless with:


1. a older laptop that will be the HUB computing device for everything and will be left turned on so the only delay in accessing information will be the screen powering up. 

2. a tablet

3. my families Galaxy s6 or 7 cell phones

4. a printer or document/receipt scanner

5. a back up hard drive or cloud storage.

6. new laptops.


(no products are Apple)


Any suggestions on features I need or want? 


I am going to try to make my office otherwise know as my kitchen, as paperless as possible.


What I have: I have a stack of documents that I save for short periods of time and then toss.  They are medical bills waiting for phone calls (billing issues), notices from school, documents from various sources etc.  Things that I need to save the information for 30 days or so, but tend to live in the stack on my counter for 90 days before I toss them.  I also have inch thick piles of school documents from dd9s school issues.  I get constant reports and document that I want to save, but don't need a paper copy of it.  


What I want.  A feeder style document scanner, either independent or part of a new printer (our old one is dying a slow death).  I want it to be fast at scanning, and to have software that makes it very easy to send documents wirelessly to the hub laptop. 


Suggestions needed: Any suggestions on a scanner/printer that will do this?




What I have: I have a paper desk size calendar on my refrigerator that is the most important paper thing I own. LOL  It has all of the appointments, school schedules, vacations, due dates, etc on it.  By the end of the year, every single day will end up with multiple events or items on it, sometimes written in micro print there are so many things on it.  I like it on the fridge, so NO ONE can say they didn't know what was going on that day in our house.  


What I want: a similar size touch screen device that will interface wirelessly with my laptop and phone to become a digital extension of the same calendar app I run on my phone. I want this new master calendar to sync with my phone and I don't have to constantly update them both. It will go on the wall next to the fridge. I want it to run apps from my laptop and phone. 


Suggestions needed: Do I want a touch screen computer monitor?  Any suggestions on specs? or features? Best way to connect to it?  I want to hang it on the wall and for it to not budge.  I assume they have hangers for that like a tv mount?  it will be in a kitchen but 10 feet away from water, steam or heat.  There is a plug in within 5 feet so I have power.  The HUB laptop, will be on a shelf a few feet away, but not where it could connect easily via a wire. It is possible, just not prefered.  I would prefer everything to connect wirelessly. The Hub laptop I am planning to use doesn't have bluetooth.  I could use a different one that does, but it is prone to crashing every few months when being used constantly, but maybe it would be fine for this.  Crashing isn't a problem if I back everything op on the cloud and calendar backed up on my phone. 




What I have: paper chore charts and behavior charts.  DD9s art work.


What I want: digital chore charts and behavior charts LOL I think that he touch screen will make this a viable option. I want to scan images she draws and have them be the screen saver on the monitor.  I have a flat bed scanner for this purpose. 


Suggestions needed: any apps you love?



Suggestions needed: Hard drive back up or cloud?  I had a hard drive backup and it crashed and ate everything I had on it. :0(  I will have to pay for enough cloud storage, but I figure that is the most secure now?  Any suggestions? 



Suggestions needed: How to keep it secure over the airwaves?  I don't care if anyone in our home sees it, but don't wan a neighbor to be able to access it. Our regular wireless network is password protected but I don't know if I need to do anything else?  My main concern is that if anyone got access to our calendar they would know when the house would be empty etc.  Nothing super private would be on there, just things like scans of doctor bills (not visit summaries etc). I know that I can password protect our Bluetooth device connections but i don't know about other ways to make it more secure. 


Feel free to chime in with other suggestions as well....





What I have but can't get rid of..... reminders or daily notes stuck to the fridge and then moved to the front  door on important dates, so various people remember the most important things for the day. Reminders for early releases. Signed permission slips. Paper checks to pay for dd's activities (ds21 is her personal one-with-one, so he takes her a lot of places for me.  I do think that more of these could be done digitally, so if my new system works, I may try to figure this out for these one-off items (ie pay day care with bill pay etc) 



Sorry if there are odd sentences, I need to run out the door and will have to edit for comprehension later.  

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can you scan with your phone or tablet and a PDF creating app? If I don't need super high quality that is the quickest way for me to scan things.

ohhh, I hadn't thought about that!  Good idea and saves me money as well!

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I know how to make it work in the Apple world, but I only have a passing acquaintance with non-Apple products so I don't know how much help I'll be. To start on the calendar end, before my mom got her iPhone she had some other one (Samsung maybe?) and she accomplished the shared/synced calendar by using her gmail account and linking to the calendar there. Do you have a Gmail account or something similar? The benefit there being you can probably link across multiple systems fairly easily. I know you can share Google calendars so that might help facilitate things.


As for the scanner issue - do you need to print these scans out at any point or do you just need to view these documents on a screen? What about skipping the scan and snapping a picture with a smart phone. Might be cumbersome at first until you got the hang of it and depending on image quality it could take up a fair amount of space. Since you already have smartphones you could play around with it for a bit before buying a scanner.

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