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WWE Stuck on Dictation

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My boys have completed WWE levels one and two.  We have enjoyed it and had no problems.  This year we started WWE level three.  We have been unsuccessful on all of the dictations.  They are, at this level, usually two sentences long.  I feel like the language is a bit more complex as well.  The books says to read the dictation aloud twice and then have the child repeat it.  They can't.  I've read the dictation up to ten times and they usually still can't repeat it.  (I personally think the sentences provided to date are a little dull which makes it harder.)  I've started modifying and having them do one sentence at a time, which they can do.  However, I'm worried that this might add up to a bigger problem when we reach level four.  


Has this happened to anyone else?


Any advice?



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This happens often, sounds like you are doing the right things for your kids. Be sure to check out SWB's video of her doing dictation with her son, "Dictation with Dan" it is on the WTM site, outside of the forums (yes, I'm always surprised to discover that there is more to the site!)


Level 4 does not get easier. My kids were pretty good, but still need it broken up and repeated more often. That's ok. After the first semester I started alternating, WWE 4 two weeks, then a week of Killgallon our some other writing to add variety.

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