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That one thing that I do not use and will never get rid of...


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In my closet lives a skirt. It's not my taste. But my mom picked it out for me. She was very sick for the last 12 years of her life and couldn't really talk much. But she was shopping with my dad, pointed out that skirt and said she wanted to give it to me, and she thought I'd like it.


It was the last gift my mom ever picked out for me.


I don't use it. I never will. I've never worn it.


But I still smile when I see it, that my mom was thinking of me that day.


When I start decluttering, I always briefly consider donating it.


But, nope. It'll stay there.


Guess I"m not really a minimalist...

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I have dolls my grandmom gave me for Christmas. She was a woman who was always on the go and loved to shop but, when I was 18, she had a stroke and was unable to easily leave the house so did most of her shopping from the ads in the Sunday newspaper. I don't have anyplace to put the dolls (no room in the house for a cabinet to display them) and they aren't really my decor taste but they will stay in my attic in their boxes. I can't bare to part with them.

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Keeping a sentimental object doesn't make one some sort of hoarder. We all have those special items and I believe it fills a very needed place in your life and has plenty of usefulness and meaning on its own. It's not like you have an entire closet full of unworn clothes. That one is special and deserves to stick around for that specialness she imparted to it by giving it to you.


And I'm not turning in my minimalist badge for saying so, either!

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My mom knitted me some leg warmers (think Jane Fonda in the early 80's) 4 months before she suddenly passed away.  I never wore them, but nope, I'm not giving them away.  Her loving hands made them for me.  It's okay to save stuff like that.  Hope you have loving memories of your mom each time you look at or touch the fabric of that skirt. 

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