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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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So I managed a run this morning so yay me! :hurray:

I totally lost my stuff and screamed at my kid this morning so very not yay me. :cursing:


We are ramping up how much we try to get done each week, and a lot of that includes more reading. The kid loves to read but not to explain what he has just read so if today I can get him to coherent explain back to me a chapter of his book I will have achieved, I think.


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  • Youtubing into the wee hours.
  • Slept a couple hours, including about a half hour of hitting the snooze.
  • Up early so kid could do birthday.
  • Birthday presents & cake.
  • Kids ready & off to school.


To do:

  • Really want a nap, but...
  • Sister coming at 9am to get hand-me-downs for her kids.
  • Work and exercise.
  • A little reading.
  • Laundry.
  • Kids' homework.
  • Figure out more phone stuff.
  • More birthday festivities.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.
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Already done:  cleaned kitchen, ran dishwasher

went to local donut shop and got donuts for breakfast (a rare occurrence)


To do:

Even though it is a federal holiday and dh is home from work, kids still have school to do:

Breakfast school


15 yo has bio, gov't and math

17 yo has English, gov't and piano


This p.m. we have a hike with 15 yo's AHG troop

17 yo may or may not be recovered enough from cold to do physical training

Dinner?  Probably leftovers of some sort

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Good morning! Swimmers went to am practice and dd2 was dropped off at school. We are back to the regular practice schedule, so no more super close pool. So sad. Today is lots of school for boys, chores for me and annoying phone calls to make. Also bills, sigh.  College kids: still cost money....


To do:

school with ds3

oversee ds2




phone calls (must do at least one....)

try to figure out ride/transportation for ds3 on Wednesday

PM practice swim/aikido/swim

late pick up for aikido


Have a great day!


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Lazy Morning - today is Native American Day in South Dakota, so no school.  Dh got up early to go hunting, so I lazed around until after 9am!  


To Do:

tidy up


drop off kids at service project

go on a run

join Sams Club?

hair cut for ds

order shoes for ds

picnic for lunch - should be a beautiful day - take ripsticks

put together package for dd18

violin with dd

violin with ds

violin lesson at 4pm

kids laundry



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It's Thanksgiving!


Updates to make you all hungry:


- Turkey is in the oven, with onion, celery and herbs in the cavity

- Pearl onions are roasting for "stuffing casserole" (bread-onion-mushroom-herb stuffing)

- Carrots are ready to be peeled and chopped

- House is still messy


To Do:

- Make turkey
- Clean house perfectly
- Make sides
- Set up all hostess-y stuff
- Pause and actually be thankful
- Host a large family dinner
- Clean up

- Deal with leftovers
- Commence turkey soup in crock pot
- Collapse

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