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Portable DVD player recommendations?


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Not exactly what you're asking for, but in the same situation we opted to get ds a small MP3 player and transfer CDs onto that. It gave him something to hold, it didn't need headphones, and it meant we weren't fiddling around with CDs, or worse, letting him get his little hands on them! It was small enough to fit easily into a pocket or bag when we got out of the car. It saw us through long car drives and a few very long flights (he was THAT baby - hated being restrained, a nightmare to travel with). I think ours was a Zen, but whatever, small and tough is what you're looking for, and something with a built in speaker.


ETA: we had something similar to this, just an older version, I expect: https://www.amazon.com/Creative-Zen-Micro-Player-Black/dp/B00086HTP0

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Thank you!! I do have a small Samsung tablet... I wonder if we could watch movies there? If I don't have to buy anything it's even better :)


Go to google play store under movies & tv. There are episodes of PBS kids shows, movies, whatever. They can be downloaded (might want to put an sd card in the tablet to store stuff on).


Then you can get cases like these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-3-7-0-P3200-P3210-Tablet-Car-Headrest-Mount-Case-Cover-TFY-/262532006882?var=&hash=item3d202083e2:m:mmVQyi9O5gGzJ-ICMstq2pg

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Thank you!! I think my tablet does have a separate SD card, need to check capacity. And that holder looks perfect! Thank you all!


I just thought of something. If you have Amazon Prime, there is an Amazon Video app in the google play store (kinda hard to find for some reason, it works on both are samsung tablets). You can download any prime videos to watch later and they have a bunch of PBS kids shows. Then at the hotel you could switch to new episodes if they have wifi.

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