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How does the frosting on mirror cakes taste?


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Our cake supply store had one to sample and the glaze was poured over rolled fondant. The glaze was kind of a little bit rubbery and sweet. Not offensive but not something you'd love. Since it was over fondant most of us tasted it then pulled off the fondant/glaze and just ate the cake.

The glaze was really a thin layer- much thinner than I expected. 

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Its made from sweetened condensed milk, or at least some kinds of it is so...very, very sweet.  I don't like it and I don't like fondant for the same reason. I think they are both gross tasting.


There is also chocolate mirror glaze, which is an old standard and easier to make. It tastes very good, if you are the sort who likes chocolate.

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Are you going to make one?  If you do, we need pictures and a recap of how it goes!


No, we were at a birthday party for my godson and his girlfriend said she'd been searching for some reviews on the taste but not having any luck. My google-fu didn't work on this one either, but I was sure there would be someone in the Hive who'd tasted one.


For the record, I hate the taste of fondant and it doesn't sound like I would like this much better. Since the extent of my cake decorating most days is to bake a cake in a 9x13 pan and slap a bit of store-bought frosting on it (if I use frosting at all), it's unlikely to be a big issue at our house. :) The closest I've come to a chocolate ganache or glaze type of thing was the time I heated up a jar of Nutella and poured it over a chocolate sour cream pound cake (made with devil's food cake mix, chocolate pudding mix, and Ghiradelli double chocolate chips). It was a birthday death-by-chocolate cake for a friend.

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