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Can a Kindle Fire handle schoology,quizlett, etc...?

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I posted this on high school. I hope it's ok to post here too. My son thinks a Kindle would be too slow for these apps, so I'm researching just how strong those inexpensive little Kindles are. I would love to have a "school kindle" where my kids won't be distracted with social media, but I don't want it to be a frustration because it's always stalling. Any experiences? Thanks!

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Quizlet and Duolingo work great. My kids have used their kindle fires extensively without any real issues over the years. Ds even participated in a programming class where he wrote, tested, and submitted on his kindle. It was more work but he learned more that way. Coursera classes havd been completed. Short essays done. Dd does as much as possible for her online college classes with her kindle I think. The laptop is generally sitting far away from her!

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