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Ask and you shall receive


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My internet provider/home phone bill recently went up to $100 per month.


I just called them and said, 'this bill is too high.  What can you do for me?'  She lowers my bill by $29 per month for the next 12 months and she gives me a $15 courtesy credit toward next month's bill.


Pays to ask.  :)

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I'm glad you got that result and we have often been able to do the same thing but it really irritates me that these companies tend to do this.  It always seems to me that they are just hoping that I don't really notice that my bill went up and just pay it anyway.  I wonder how many people pay for months without recognizing the increases, or, just pay because they don't have time to sit on hold for a long time in order to talk to any actual person who then gives them a new 'great' deal on the same services they were already getting.


 One time when I called, I got such a good 'discount' that I ended up paying less per month for the next year than I had paid for the prior year.    Just give me the bottom-line price in the first place and stop playing these games!


It's a sore spot because I'm always the one needing to call and deal with the increases and do the threatening of canceling the services before they magically find me a deal that's better than the one I had . . .grrr!  Makes my blood pressure go up just to think about it.  The last time my kids gathered around the table to listen to my end of the conversation because it was so amusing to them :)  They don't usually see that side of me!

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I'm glad you were able to get your bill down.


It irks me, too. I always gripe because cable companies and the like put so much into customer acquisition but nothing into retention. The longer you are their customer, the more they charge. Seems like bad business policy to me.

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Oh it irks me too.


And the satellite company wasn't near as cooperative even though to me, satellite is very optional vs internet service being almost a necessity.


I am paying $88 for the Entertainment package.  At the time it was the lowest option.  I didn't even get the recording option.  Now I see that all plans have the recording capability....so when I quizzed them on it they said they would give me the $497 worth of equipment (insert eye roll) for free except I pay $19 shipping and handling.  I said no I called to reduce my bill not pay an extra charge.  So he quickly gets permission from his supervisor to waive the fee since I have been such a good customer.  THEN I ask if this is some sort of obligation or contract.  Only for 24 months he says.  I said forget it.

Ugh.  I really wish I had to nerve to cancel it.  We really don't need it.....I just like having it.  

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Yeah, we called and cancelled DirectTV last month. At first they offered to knock $40 a month off. Then they offered $60 off. We cancelled anyway, but I was so annoyed that it was "oh they're serious." "Oh now they're really serious, let's offer more." My husband kept turning down her lower offers and finally she asked "Well what are you going to do without TV?" My husband said, "Read?"


She didn't have a retort to that. I also find it amusing that if you need technical support, they offshore your call. But if you call cancellations, you end up talking to a bonafide US representative. Priorities, right? 


To top if off this week we got a letter from them offering us our old plan that was $100 including tax, for $19.99 plus tax for 12 months, and then whatever the rate would be the second year. I threw it away. 


We're now using just Amazon Prime and Netflix on the Rokus.  The only thing we've missed from DirectTv are football games and even at that, my husband isn't missing it near as much as he thought. We even have Netflix free for 30 days. I'm wondering why it took us so long to do this! 


Anyway, yes. People of the hive, call and threaten to quit! Save some money! 

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We usually switch every two years. I hate doing it because it's a PITA but it's their fault. Last time, I was bound and determined not to switch but our bill went from $120 to $280 in one month for no apparent reason. It was not a contract deal and the customer service told me I still had the same plan. The next month it was $180, then the next $210 and customer service just kept telling me I had the same $120 plan. Then why is my bill all over the place? (We hadn't done anything to incur more charges.) So, I switched. Again.


Upside, I got something like $200 in gift cards for switching.

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