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The Teachers Lounge 10-6-2016


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The Lounge is now OPEN!


Looking forward to seeing you all as you pop in throughout the day!


Help yourself to a cuppa fresh-brewed vanilla coffee! I'll be stepping out a bit later to 

refresh my supply of tea. Just realized last night that most of my looseleaf tea is over a year

old. Eew. Ah, well, I wanted to try some new blends anyway.


Anyone ever been a County Board Worker for an election? Here: several times and looks like

I'm working the BIG ONE coming up in November. Thankfully, the last board I worked with was 

phenomenal. We all got along so well we asked them to have us all work together again! Just 

received notice that we will be. Yay!


What's on the agenda today besides schooling? Here: if I remember, I want to take DD to take the 

written exam for her permit. I really need her to be driving by next summer! Also, the kids have

tae kwon do tonight. And later this morning I'll be taking a wonderful, restorative blend of tea to 

a friend who is sick.


What are your plans for the weekend? Here: another crop (scrapbooking even) tomorrow afternoon/evening;

working on Saturday; church, weekly food prep, and rest on Sunday.


Talk to me!  :bigear:





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Hello Scrap,


I have never volunteered to work at a polling place, though I have volunteered for a campaign/ candidate. I always point out the people serving at the polls to my kids. Maybe when my kids are older, we could serve together. Does one have to be 21, or only 18?


I am hoping to get some house cleaning done today since we were camping last weekend and would rather play than work this Saturday. My dog sheds a storm and the hall bathroom is yucky right now.


Friday night - not sure. Dd is spending the night with my mom. Saturday - farmers' market, play outside, a party in the evening for me and Dh. Sunday - church, possibly lunch with friends, rest.

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Polling place - No.  And our area is all mail-in ballots now so all volunteering would be behind the scenes in warehouses, I would think.  Now that you mention it, I'm not sure how they handle that.  Is it volunteers?  Paid staff?


Agenda - chiropractor.  Maybe going to Home Depot to check out supplies for dd's big greenhouse building project.


Weekend - Is that coming up again?  School prep for the next week including some studying of my own so I know how to answer any questions that come up.  Housework.  I never ever get caught up with all that I have to do so I never get the luxury of doing much of the "fun stuff".  Unless you count spending some time vegging and playing Candy Crush Saga. . . .

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Polling place - no, but I've been curious about those who do work them.  I didn't know y'all got paid!


Today most of our agenda is school.  Well, except nap.  Can we do nap now?  LOL  It was a long morning out in the sun.


This weekend - grocery shopping, volunteering to run a store for a bit (I used to manage it so definitely know the ins and outs), library trip, pottery place (so the 6yo can finish his bowl), and in between all that the teen is having an all night party at our place.  I use the word 'party' loosely, as it is more a bunch of teen boys sitting around a table playing games.


Sunday I might manage some laundry........at least, I hope I do!  We'll need it!

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Well, it took us ( 'us' being my son with lots of prodding from me) to get through our WriteShop (Language Arts/composition) lesson. DD18 did her assignment and was done.

DS12 moaned and groaned and threw fits, tears and everything, asking why he had to do TWO sentences for each one given when "I already know how to do this." Well, he 

doesn't, at least, not well. And he's complained before, "You two are the writers, I don't know HOW." Hello? He could have been done in 30 minutes if he'd just done the assignment

instead of trying to find every which way to avoid doing it. But I'm worn out, don't want to deal with his moodiness during a different subject as I have OTHER things I need to get to.

So that may be school for today. Ugh.


Ah, well, I'll eat the snack I was going to give HIM before he stormed upstairs. And then I'll get to doing my other responsibilities. Trying to make room in the kitchen for a container garden. Possibly.

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