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Talk to me some more about gallstones?


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It's been a long time since I had gallbladder issues, and they took it out very fast. I don't recall all the symptoms, other than the pain.


What were your gallstone symptoms? Bonus if you've had one without a GB!


Since Fri, I've been dealing with what is suspected to be a gallstone in the bile duct. Had the MRCP yesterday, awaiting results.


To complicate things, I also have (according to CT scan) a kidney stone that hasn't yet dropped and an ovarian cyst with fluid around it. So there's a bunch happening, ugh. Sadly I've had all these issues before and know intimately what each feels like. This particular pain points to GB - even though I don't have one. I actually thought it was pancreatitis, but it's not. It's the location and type of pain. The docs agree.


So, if you've had this, or known someone who has ... What helped? What symptoms did you/they have? Did you/they have surgery? What was the recovery?


And - did you/they have heartburn?! I'm having terrible heartburn. No appetite. Pain in my right shoulder, too. In addition to the expected pain. Kind of took me by surprise.

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