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Please review my 1st grade plan for me


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For K, I went with a box curriculum for "security" until I had more confidence and knew a little more about my son's learning style. So this is my first attempt at pulling together a plan and I'd really appreciate some feedback.


I'm using HOD Little Hearts as my guide, with the following tweaks:


History/Bible - mostly as written in HOD guide (they use a CLP resource), Daily read-aloud 3-4 pages and discuss


Rhymes - a couple times through the HOD-selected rhyme with motions, Daily


Lang Arts - MP Phonics & Spelling guide (SWO B), Daily


Handwriting - Handwriting Skills Simplified, 2 days/week


Fine Motor Skills - as written in HOD guide (they use R&S resource), 2-3 days/week


Science - as written in HOD in guide (they use a CLP resource), 2 days/week read 1-2pgs, discuss and do a truly simple experiment


Art/Drama/Thinking skills - as written in HOD, 1 day/week for each one (if art is too involved I may skip due to additional class at YMCA)


Math - BJU Math 1 with Xtramath.com drill, Daily


Literature - I will read the books from HOD guide, but probably not as scheduled because we like to read more than that each day. I will be adding in from a super list of other sites' read-alouds to give us more :)


Recitation - MP Grade 1, Daily....because this is his favorite part of Kindergarten 


Classes at YMCA for gym, swim and art, once a week each (but thankfully all can be on the same day!)


So, how did I do???



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You've got everything covered that we do in Grade 1 and then some! Although it looks like a long list, I can see how you're planning not to cover every subject every day. I do the same thing, but my personal preference is to do just 5 minutes of handwriting practice every school day, and also when a child is learning to read to make sure we sit together and just work on that for 5-10 minutes a day, as opposed to longer lessons several times a week. Those and math are my "every day exposure/practice" subjects for a first grader.

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I don't know how long you're spending on each "subject" or how you're spreading them out throughout the day, but your plan looks very similar to what my latest 1st grader did. We spent about 20-30 min on math lessons each day and 15-20 on phonics and 30 on read alouds, but everything else was about 5-10 minutes each (15 tops). So even though it looks like a lot, it really only took a couple of hours each day. And we spread it out in 2 or 3 sessions throughout the day. I'd say if you're doing that and your DS is handling it fine, then you're doing great! :)

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