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Vitamins and supplements

Night Elf

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How do you choose what you take each day? I was put on a couple of things years ago when I had to undergo some tests with my heart. The problem was anxiety but they still asked me to take a couple of things including an aspirin. My GP told me to stop taking the aspirin but had no opinion about the rest of the stuff I take. The only thing she pushed is a multi vitamin.

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after  I started taking dudeling to a ND, I became a vitamin snob.  (molecular forms matter, that the supplement contains what it says it does matters.)


I take a good multi.

I have a genetic mutation that seriously affects my ability to use b-vitamins.  so, I take a good b-complex  (I have experience with lousy b-complexes and how they make me feel.)

I take d3 - because it's low (d3 should be >50.)

I have other effects of the genetic mutation, and take some specifically aimed  at symptoms it causes.

something for adrenal support to go along with my hypothyroid rx.  (I can't use a common ingredient in many adaptogen formulas, so it's been very challenging.)


for what dudeling takes: things are aimed specifically at his symptoms.   he has diagnosed anxiety to go with his asd.  so, we've got him on a few things and he does great.  another dc has gone to drs for years for anxiety/etc.  and never successfully helped.  i said at least try the same cocktail he's on, and the dc is *finally* doing well.

(ashwagandha also supports adrenals.)

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