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How do you know? (lang arts curr)


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My 10yo son is finishing up WWE3 and FLL4, and I am going to switch to something else at least for a while or maybe forever depending on how happy I am with whatever IT is.  How in the world do I figure out what's right??!?  


We both loved MCT island level, but I kinda felt like it was too much story and fluff.  Ds does just fine with the cut and dry of FLL, and he rarely needs any repeat or all that review as the that text suggests.  BUT we did both enjoy the MCT despite the cost.  We've done a couple chapters in W&R's Fables, and he actually composed and (with his own hand without complaining) wrote a three page story!!!!!  I've read that some families combine these 2.  I can see how they would work beautifully together and work well for us (again despite the cost!!)  


On the other hand, I've really enjoyed listening to Andrew Pudewa speak via lecture and podcast, and his method sounds great.  I think IEW is a strong program and could see us using the program probably ds watching the videos at least in the beginning.  


So which one is best for an early decoding, still reluctant reader/writer?  I'm fine with doing a level of each to see how it goes.  Will it become evident, or will I just be flipping a coin?  

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I can't speak for MCT, but I will say IEW is a wonderful program. To me it would be a perfect fit for a 5th grade boy who's a reluctant writer. They also have a money back guarantee if you don't like it, so that makes it less of a coin toss imo. It's risk free except for your time (and it will take up your time to learn the program, so be forewarned.) 


ETA: Their customer service is phenomenal, so you might even want to call and speak with them to discuss how this would work for your son. 

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If he's that enthusiastic about Fable, I wouldn't switch.


I liked the Most Wonderful Writing Lessons Ever along with or before Fable. It improved our narrative abilities, and then Writing and Rhetoric helped practice.


I've used IEW as well. It's a different beast. For me it's something to give us some tools (mostly in sentence variety here, though we picked up a few other things too) and then move beyond.


I was glad we had a narrative foundation first. If I could rewind, I would spend even more time on narratives before moving to other things.

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