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AP Calculus AB - online providers? Reviews needed!

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I am looking to see what options we have for AP Calculus AB ONLINE (I am not prepared to teach it myself!). And any thoughts/reviews on it? If your child used said provider, how did they score on the AP exam - did they feel the course prepared them well for it?


I'd like it to be a College Board approved AP Course for GPA purposes, as well as provide good prep for the AP exam.


These are a few I know of... any others, please let me know!



Derek Owens

Wilson Hill Academy


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DD took Calc BC with Sue Gilleran (also TA for her) and highly recommends her as a teacher.  She does an outstanding job preparing students for the AP exam.  Her students consistently make a strong showing on the exams, provided they do the work of course. ;)

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I think all of the ones you mentioned will be excellent. One thing to consider (with any online course) is whether you want an asynchronous, self-paced course or a course with live class meetings and deadlines (or a mix of both).


My son used Derek Owens (for precalc and calc). Derek's style of teaching and the flexibility of his course matched very well with my son's personality and goals. At the end of the course, Derek recommended some review books and plans for studying for the AP exam, but he did not expressly review within the course. He did, however, use released AP questions as the basis for the tests throughout the year, so I felt there was plenty of AP preparation. My son made a 5 on the exam and now is doing very well in Calc II at a four year university. 



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My daughter took it with Derek Owens in the 10th grade. Derek is completely flexible, but, of course, if you want to take the exam in May, you've got to keep yourself on a schedule! It worked well for her because there is not a lot of busywork. She got an A in the course and a 5 on the exam, and went on to get "A"s in her dual enrollment calc classes (just got her first math test back at Princeton University, and got an A on that too, which was well above the mean for the rest of the class ;-) )

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