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CC app and FLL too much memory work?


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Another homeschooling mom showed me the CC app.   It looked very interesting.  In the last two weeks I flip-flopped from being anti-tablet for kids, to shopping for one.   It is Immersion audiobook-ebook reading that converted me.  But, now that we will have a tablet, I am open to educational uses.   The Classical Conversations app looked really interesting.  But, we will also start with FLL level 1 as soon as it arrives.   DD is 6 and first grade.  


Will that be too much memory work?   Any pitfalls?  

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Use the songs from CC when there is overlap between the memory work of CC and FLL.  That's my recommendation. You should be fine if you do that.


ETA: Agree with later poster. I am talking about the linking verbs song, prepositions song, helping verbs song, etc. that they learn in CC (not necessarily on CD). For the definitions, I used the ones from FLL.


There are some differences in the prepositions list between CC and FLL.  There are some on the FLL list that are not in the CC list. I just didn't worry about it. 

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