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Submitting FAFSA and CSS early when dd isn't applying ED?


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A big reason to do it this early in my state is that some of state grants use the FAFSA as the application for state grant and those funds are first come first served.  When the opening day for FAFSA was Jan 1 those first come funds were not always available after mid of Fed.

We didn't apply early decision but did apply in September for some places with rolling admissions  (wahoo..  got application fees  waived that way), and got fafsa done in about 30 minutes this weekend.

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Is there a reason to go ahead and submit this far ahead of things?


Thanks :)

Get it done.  Senior year is full of important tasks, and the more that's done early, the better.  Your stress level will get lower as you tick off each item on the college to-do list, and this is an important one.  Plus it gives you a lot of time to handle any unexpected glitches (like when my dh added an extra zero to our income on last year's FAFSA - oops!!!).


Having the FAFSA done also means the colleges your dd applies to will be able to give you a more accurate sense of what you'd have to pay for her to attend.  At some colleges, few students pay the sticker price, and the difference could be tens of thousands of dollars.  It could also help you rule out colleges that are unaffordable, leaving you more time to spend perfecting the applications to the rest.

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