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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Got to get done:

Kids swimming class at the YMCA - done

Buying drinks for snack time for kids Saturday German class - done



Looking around for cheap memory card for my new camera - done

Pay comcast and gas bills - too sleepy, paying tomorrow online

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Finish Theology assignment for this week


Get to mass

Eat breakfast somewhere

17 yo's friend spent night - when to get him home?

Walk to CSA

Watch football/do homework

Make nice dinner for Rosh Hashanah! (Roast chicken, whatever from the CSA, apple cake for dessert)

(Don.t forget to call granddad and wish him happy new year).


Happy New Year to you all too!

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Good morning! Today is to be a relaxing sort of day. The kids are still sleeping and I have no plans to wake them up.

To do:

general pick up/clean kitchen

dmil is coming over for dinner

watch some football


Have a great day!


MysteryJen: LOVE that quote from Winston Churchill. What a jewel. Can I steal it? I need to see that every day!! Thanks for sharing!


Okay, my Sunday:


I woke later than I'll ever tell.


Clean kitchen.

Plan dinner so it's not so casual.

Work on writing project.

Take son/dog to fancy dog park.

On way back, hit Trader Joe's and Ann Taylor Loft.

Sign one boy up for a day camp in October.

Write Mondays "to do" list.

Clean off desk. Clean off desk. Clean off desk.

Walk dog at park for my own exercise.

Bed early.


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We slept in after our long day at AHG camp yesterday.  I felt good about the girls having some good experiences, maybe meeting some badge requirements, while I did a bit of sitting around lazily!  (I did help out, but not the whole time.)


So today, we skipped Sunday School and church  We would have missed them anyway, had we done the tent part of the camping.  We had a leisurely breakfast and now the kids have finished their showers and are getting ready for volleyball practice.


I'll be working at volleyball practice.  Then we might go to the art museum for some global culture.  :)


After that, work for me, homework and school prep and relaxation for the girls.

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A comic thing here in town

Grocery shopping

Drop off things at the library

change the salt in the chicken

fold ALL the laundry! 

take the 6yo to the pottery center.  Meant to yesterday, was too tired by the end of it all.


Got out of the comic thing - the teen went with friends.  Whew!

Grocery shopping -done

Library - done

Chicken - done

Pottery center- closed, we'll hit it up next weekend instead


And yes, I *am* putting off folding the laundry. I even cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom to procrastinate on that just a bit. :lol:

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The art museum thing was great!  I just love to watch lively and beautiful music and dancing.  Bonus:  we unexpectedly met two of the kids' friends there.  They were singing in a Greek kiddy choir performance.


I didn't get much work done yet.  I was supposed to draft a proposal, but haven't found the motivation yet.


I found out the maids are coming tomorrow at 10:30am.  My house is a disaster.  I guess I'm glad in a way, because I wanted the house cleaned up and could use the motivation to do it.  :)  I think I will be doing laundry and housework most of the night.

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