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Similarities between Indigenous education and Classical Education

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I have been thinking about this recently; many people have taken and used ideas from the way children were education in classical times, and found it useful. I think there's a lot from the way indigenous people educated their children which could also be helpful - and in some cases was quite similar.




One thing was memorisation - learning by heart reams of stories, often set to song. The stories were often historical or had a deep truth hidden inside. So, apparently there was research recently linking the oral stories of various groups of indigenous Australians to a historical event 13,000 years ago, which is amazing, long before any written records.




The other similarity I was thinking about was the knowledge of astronomy, really being familiar with the stars in practical ways as well as having stories about constellations. Interestingly enough, the Greek Pleiades story of the sisters is very similar to one of the indigenous Australian stories of the very same constellation.

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