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Spanish: Wilson Hill or Homeschool Spanish Academy?

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We have experience with WHA Spanish 1 and 2. The classes have clear expectations and a balanced workload. The teacher is a native speaker and is very encouraging. 

The plan is to continue with Spanish 3. 


My daughter has an online Spanish tutor, but she enjoys having the WHA Spanish class as well. Sorry I can't be of help with Spanish 3 specifically.


I think a few posters use HSA. Hopefully you'll hear from them and from other WHA families. The more feedback the better! 


Good luck deciding!

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I would imagine it's hard to compare.  We do homeschoolspanish academy and love it. It is like one on one tutoring with homework in between--kind of like homeschooling Spanish. Ds meets twice a week to Skype with his teacher. An online class would be more like a classroom language experience.


We have been pleased with Homeschool Spanish Academy.  It meets our needs for Spanish. I love Ds's accent and he is getting better at speaking (He's in Spanish 3 and this is his second year).  Having a live person that he has to speak to really keeps him on his toes.  When we did Spanish 1 by ourselves he put in minimal effort.  Yet, the class is not the most crazy rigorous class (but could go faster with an eager child, I would imagine).  It is just right for a class that I think is important, but my child does not.  He is learning a lot, but is not overworked.  I guess you can say it's been efficient.

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