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Hormones and Histamine Levels


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I've been having a hell of a time with my seasonal allergies the last week or so. It seemed so odd to me as I usually don't have problems in the fall. Well, last night I used my (topical OTC)progesterone after nearly 3 wks off(I went off for testing) and lo and behold I woke up significantly clearer when just the morning before I could hardly breathe when I awoke. Wondering if there was a connection I searched it and I found that progesterone is evidently anti-histamine and estrogen increases histamine levels (and decreases your body's ability to clear it). Very interesting to me!

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Yes, this lower-histamine diet I've been trying lately made my period so much lighter and less crampy than usual.  I'm shocked I haven't seen "eliminate aged cheese and lunch meat" on lists of how to improve period cramps.  They really are closely tied.

I remember you mentioning that. I actually have the other problem, my periods are already extremely light. I have maybe 1-1.5 days of real bleeding. My hormone profile and FSH/LH tests fit the profile of PCOS so there is that. My progesterone being too low is really lowering my fertility. It is a bit a chicken/egg. Presumably if your hormones levels are good in the first place you want need to lower your dietary histamines so much as your body will take process the histamines properly, that is what seemed to happen here, I didn't change my diet but added in progesterone.

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