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Orton-Gillingham based phonics program

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Hi WTM People!


I am excited to maybe be able to offer a list and review copies of the Orton-Gillingham based phonics programs to the school district in which I live.


This isn't something I was asked to do, but rather something I asked about being able to offer.  


Please help me make a list of great programs for them to consider.  As well, I think that them doing the very most basic parts... such as the phonics cards, perhaps writing the letters, and such. (And the great apps that some of them have)  I seriously LOVE phonics cards and applying the knowledge instead of random phonics learning. (Ok, so not really random, but I don't understand the method and am not happy with the results I have seen.)


I'd like to know if it is a program that you have to pay for a crazy expensive training or not.  Like RIGGS, I think you have to pay for training just to purchase the books?




So far I am thinking:

Logic of English,


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Recipe for Reading--elementary level; manual is inexpensive, they also have workbooks, can do program from whiteboard, cheapest OG program.


Sophris West Rewards--can be used as follow on to Recipe for Reading or other elementary level program, for older students working on multi syllable words, inexpensive for what you get

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Lindamood Bell materials

All About Reading/All About Spelling


If you are talking about specific OG based programs designed for dyslexics, the first three are solid programs.  AAR/AAS is not specifically for dyslexics and can make too many leaps for some students, but is a good program.


As for paying for training, at least with Barton you only need the program itself.  Each level comes with training DVDs and a brilliantly designed Teacher's Manual so a layman can implement the program with no prior training.  They do have to pass the simple to implement Tutor screening but that is just confirming they can hear the sounds they will be teaching (not everyone can, even if that person is very articulate).

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I am surprized that no one mentioned Spell to Write and Read by Wanda Sanseri. SWR is a full LA program, they have a cool app, they are not that expensive, and the thing is there is only need of one basic set per teacher, as the teacher can make copies for her/his students.

There is a FaceBook Group called SWR Training and the lady there has made awsome videos explaining how to do things.


I have Riggs Institute books, they are expensive, but you can find them used. They are too convoluted for something really simple to do. as SWR, they have their own notebooks, etc. but all of them use clock letters to print and do cursive. That is why I made my own clock letter paper to go with any of the Orton based curricula, as it helped my kids practice better.

My avatar is a sample of that, here is the link for my TpT store.


Mrs. Q


For some reason I am only allowed to post 62 KB of data so here is the link to the picture I mean

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