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2nd grade math


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Math Mammoth?


Very reasonably priced.  Strong, conceptual mastery program.  Does not require physical manipulatives (which keeps the cost down), but uses many illustrations of manipulatives to teach concepts, and easily lends itself to being supplemented with physical manipulatives of your choice if desired.


Rainbow Resource now sells Math Mammoth printed in color.  Or you can buy the pdf and print it in color yourself (not a route I would choose) or skip printing entirely and just work the problems directly from the pdf on a tablet.



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We use A Beka.  The teacher's manual is easy to find used, and the workbooks and tests are $23.  They do often have visual aids and flashcards that can add up, but most are optional.  It's very colorful, procedural and has a lot of spiral review.  I find it is great for younger levels, and then I supplement with LOF and Beast Academy as they get older to transition them into more conceptual math.  It's very schoolish though.  You might look at Horizons too, but I don't think it is particularly cheap.  However, it doesn't need all the little extra supplemental visuals and flash cards, and I think it may be stronger through Algebra than A Beka is.  However, their teacher's manual is not as explicit or scripted as A Beka's.  I'd avoid Saxon for its lack of color.  It doesn't seem like a big deal at first, but after a while, it really gets to you.


Right Start is also great for a kinesthetic and/or visual learner.  We have their games.  It is more teacher intensive.


Math isn't always cheap, but a poorly fitting math program can cause a lot of tears and frustration.  Math lays a foundation that builds for many years.  I am not trying to make you feel guilty if you can't afford the flashiest of curricula, but imo, math is the most important one to get the right fitting program for that child.  I'd skimp on other subjects to afford the right math program.

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