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Baby Alive Snack'n Sarah/Lily, please help!!!!!


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My daughter has been all about Baby Alive for over a year now. And then, she just had a birthday and said she really wanted Snack'n Lily. I bought her Snack'n Lily. Lily did not work like she was supposed to. I did not think she would. How can playdough just go from being shoved in to the mouth and then come out the other end?


Daughter is crying and wants Snack'n Sarah now. I have no faith the Snack'n Sarah will be any better. I do not want to pay $47 plus tax for another Snack'n doll. I would rather spend twice that for something that has better quality. I am taking Lily back to the store. She is full of poop (playdough) that refuses to come out the other end. 


Please help...any experience with these dolls? Anyone have one of these dolls actually poop? I did try to convince her to try one of the other dolls, but she swears it must be one of the Snack'n dolls. Would you just say no and let her cry? Would you just get yet another Snack'n doll?

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