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Do you use kneeling chair? Do you like it?


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I have terrible sciatica in my tucas. The most relief I get is when I'm sitting on my ice pillow. Even my super pricey ergonomic office chair doesn't do much. (It stays at my downstairs desk.)


I've had shots, surgery w/ a wonderful surgeon, and I do yoga formally three times a week and in my bedroom the rest of the time.


I'm still in a lot of pain, plus I need a chair to go w/ my upstairs desk -- so that I can get some work done in quiet.


So, I need a chair. I'd like to try one of those kneeling chairs. Getting the weight off my bum sounds awesome.


Do you have one and can you recommend the brand?


Thank you so much,



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I will have to Google to see what a kneeling chair is!  I'm so sorry you haven't gotten relief after all this time for the sciatica.  I have been diagnosed (without an x-ray or MRI yet) with a herniated disc causing pretty bad sciatic pain.  I get relief when I'm at the PT office and they pull my leg away from my body and that's about IT.  It is very slow to feel any improvement.


HOWEVER, I read about another possible cause of sciatic pain that is NOT a herniated disc/pinched nerve!  It's Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.  I am going to ask the PT and my dr. about it after I give the therapy a few more weeks.




If the usual treatments are exhausted and one is still suffering sciatic pain, I'd look into this!  It isn't pleasant to diagnose definitively because there needs to be an x-ray guided injection of a numbing agent + steroids and if you feel immediate relief, BINGO!  Plus, the pain relief could go on for weeks or even months to allow better therapy.


Anyway, sorry for throwing all this info out there, but I just feel so bad for you!  Praying you get relief.  Now, I'm off to look at those chairs...

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I have one and it seems to help with my back issues.  Mine looks just like this one, except older:



I have that same one!  I like it.  I think I ordered it on Amazon Prime.  It's comfortable and it forces me to sit up straight, although I still need to think about sitting up straight even when I'm using it, if that makes sense.

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