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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Get DD and DH off to symphony

Serious rest and hydration - kick this cold's butt before it knows what hit it.

Watch TV

Finished my 7th huge glass of water /OJ / tea :) that's progress



Remove A/Cs

Prep Monday and Tuesday read aloud lessons audiobook style and organize school schedule to allow me to step away for a few days but not cancel school.

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Good morning! Today is mostly a catch-up sort of day, with a baby shower in the middle.


To do: 

some household administration

get going on some projects

watch football

pick up a little

go to baby shower

home to watch football

talk to college kids at some point

get ready for the week


Have a great day!

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  • Get us all ready, pet care.  [done]

Sunday School. [done]

Church. [done]

Volleyball practice. [done]

Work during volleyball.  [done]

Wal-Mart run for book covers.  [and toilet paper - done]

Lunch, maybe Subway at Wal-Mart.  [cooked some mac'n'cheese at home - done]

Listen to middle school audiobook during all the driving.  [done]

Put book covers on books.  [done]

Do some math with the kids.  [done]

Arrange some hand-me-downs for the nieces.  [done]

Kids finish homework & practice instruments.

Kids pack their bags for tomorrow.


A little reading.

A little exercise.

Whatever I'm forgetting.

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TOO MUCH! Really overwhelmed right now.


So far:
Breakfast for the sleepover crew at my house.

Ballet sleepover pick up.

Take everyone to the apple orchard to pick apples. FUN! Corn maze, free apple cider, sunshine. We picked over 100 lbs. of apples.

Help ds' friend with his weekend homework.

Made rosters to record choir uniform measurements.


Taking a short break right now to unfrazzle, because in all of that, all the things have gone wrong. Dropping things, people at the door when I'm in the middle of, can't find things. I managed to break a glass, a plate, AND chip dh's favorite bowl all in one go, and cleaned it all up, and now the toilet is clogged, so I get to go take care of that.


In progress right now: Canning the first batch of yesterday's tomato sauce.


Still to come:

Unclog the toilet.

Choir grant meeting.

(Skipping my book club meeting because I just can't. do. everything. So disappointed. I really enjoy going.) YAY! I had it on the wrong day on my calendar! So I didn't miss it AND I didn't show up on the wrong night. WIN.

Choir emails for middle school and high school boys' choirs.

Finish canning the tomato sauce. Can the tomato juice. I think I've got 2-3 more canner loads total, depending on the amount of juice.

Make an apple pie. (Dh made the pie crust for me when he walked in the kitchen and I was nearly in tears over the broken dishes.)

Fold the laundry I didn't get to yesterday.

Grade ds15's papers that he turned in on Friday.


Pie-in-the-sky task (no way I'll get to it, but I'll dream):

Make a batch of tomato jam while all of the canning stuff is out anyway.



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I want everyone to know that I suck at chess.


I suck so bad that it took me like an hour to checkmate my 9yo who has never played before and doesn't even know all the moves.  She was begging me to put her out of her misery and I was too dumb.


I did have a strategy to do it sooner, but I got distracted and forgot what I was going to do.


On the positive side, it won't be long before both of my kids are slaughtering me and gaining tons of confidence.  :P

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