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FAFSA changes


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I saw this some months back and am so happy indeed.


I looked, and the colleges mine are or will be attending apparently are sticking with March 1, 2017.


We've had tax complications each year that made March 1st difficult. It doesn't make sense to me, but DS's school wanted the final FAFSA or a tax return by March 1st. If you wanted first crack at merit aid, you had to have your FAFSA or tax return. Given that I worked there and that it's local, I really didn't want to give them my tax return. So we stressed about it every year. This year it was actually a few days late, but they were OK with that because they reported having system problems. Ultimately they didn't award most of the merit aid until late July anyway because of their system problems, so I was more than a little frustrated.


I made a note in my calendar to do it Thanksgiving Week. We don't have any relatives coming this year, and I'm off all week from work.

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