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The Potter's School foreign language classes

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DD took Spanish 1 & 2 through TPS. They were both a challenge for her, but she was a young 8th grader is Spanish 1 and is not a naturally focused and organized person. She was in class once per week for 90 min, and weekly homework took at least 3-4 hours. I'm going to try to attach screenshots of a week's worth of work in the workbook. She also had 4 online pronunciation assignments a week. They took 5-10 min each. In Spanish 1, she was expected to memorize a Bible verse in Spanish every 4-6 weeks and turn in an audio recording of her recitation. 


It's only allowing one screenshot. This is half of a weeks' work. She generally had to complete 4 sections from these exercises a day. I'll let you judge how long the translations might take.


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Thank you both! More questions....


TKDmom, how did they do the extra 4 online pronunciation assignments?

Luckymama, how did they run the extra conversation section?


Thank you for any additional info you can give!

The extra conversation section was run similarly to the regular class meeting, except the students would pair up at the end of class in separate chat rooms (through the class platform) to practice what they did with the teacher.


Iirc that section was an additional $100 fee, but well worth it. I don't know if such a section is offered for all the languages.

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The online pronunciation just had a link in their homework assignment. They self-reported whether or not the completed the assignment. It was basically a recording that dd played and repeated, so there was no one on the other end telling her if she had correct pronunciation. But, she did have a chance to interact with the teacher during class and turned in recordings for some assignments.

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