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hey guys..i need ur help..i m a foreign student who doesn t know much about US essay standards but i d love to continue my education i started practicing..could u pls take a look at what i wrote and let me know whether i missed something or there r some errors..well i ll appreciate any comments..thanks


“Should schools let the parents decide to not let their child take a sexuality class, or should the students have a say in what they want?â€


To be or not to be? To let students make a decision about a sexuality class or not? This issue has been always gaining mindsets of school psychologists and, of course, parents. If children’s views are heard, will it bring about positive or negative consequences to themselves and society on the whole?

On one hand, should students be given a word to decide, if they can attend a sexuality class, a country would get a responsible society, where people learn to make decisions since childhood. That is, without any doubt, a plus. Secondly, knowledge gained at such classes can prevent students from early pregnancy and abortion issues. However, after the lecture some children can feel the urge to put the new information into practice, influencing, therefore, the whole life afterward (e.g., first sex just out of interest).


On the other hand, if parents make the decision concerning the sexuality class, the choice would be explained logically better since the decision-makers are more mature. Although children may feel their views are underestimated, in the long-term the society will mostly get positive consequences. What I mean, is the fact that some children get mentally mature much later than others; and information on sexuality may harm them tremendously. It may even be the cause of being scared to talk about sexual life at all (as sometimes happens in Eastern European families).


During school years a personality is only being developed. Children learn to understand themselves better, find a place in the world. Sexuality issues at that time are, in my view, the least important subject, since morality and behavior in society should be a priority.


If some children are mature enough to hear about sexuality, they can ask parents or a school psychologist. Sexuality class is unnecessary in that case.


All in all, freedom to express student opinions is good, as long as it doesn’t harm their mental health. School children are rather small to reasonably digest the information on sexuality, in my opinion.



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I agree with you @regentrude It should be reported I don know why people add these kind of posts without any meaning,



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