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The Teachers Lounge 9-22-2016


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The Lounge is now OPEN!


Sorry I dropped the ball and wasn't here yesterday. Not even sure what happened there.

Might have had something to do with the fact that we didn't officially have school yesterday.

Third Wednesdays are my busy days and I just do not have the time to keep my kids on task

to get their work done, nor do I have time to teach new material that day. It's best just to have

the day off!


Today is another disrupted day as I have an appointment at 1pm. Thinking about not keeping it.

It's not 100% necessary and it is way too time consuming. We'll see. I really want to get us

on a routine schedule. Is that even possible? The last several years have proven that it's really 

not. Argh. Anyway....



Who wants some coffee? I visited Sbux this morning but I may brew a fresh pot at home!


What's for breakfast? I bought some chicken sandwiches for the kids, one spicy, one not.

I'm munching on cheese, grapes, and nuts.


What's on your schedule for today?


Talk to me!  :bigear:

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Coffee hour is tonight here. :)  Thankfully.....I need it!


Breakfast? LOL  We just finished lunch!  My 6yo was up at 5:30 with a bloody nose (and a trail of evidence behind him) so breakfast was rather hodge podge.  He got his own breakfast after we stopped the bleeding and I tiredly sat there.  I ended up with a breakfast bar.


On the schedule still:


Grammarland cut & paste activity

Changing the salt in the chicken

Learning to write secret code (hieroglyphics)

Read alouds

Alice's journey across the chess board

Violin practice



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