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ereks mom

Homemade Rag Rugs... got a website with step-by-step instructions?

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EK & I are interested in making a homemade braided rag rug. Some of the instructions I've seen direct you to crochet the strips together, but we'd prefer a simple (preferably rectangular) rug that can be made just by braiding strips of cloth & attaching them together (tacking/hand-sewing?). If you can point us to a website with step-by-step instructions, we would be grateful.

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Not a website but directions passed down to me by my step-great-grandma who lived through the depression by doing things like this.


1. find old cloth from clothes, fabric, whatever.


2. cut cloth into 1-2 inch wide long strips.


3. sew the strips together at the short ends and roll them into a ball like you would yarn.


4. when you start the first braid, you will want to have fabric of the same weight that is being braided together. If you do heavy fabric with light fabric in a section of braid it will be uneven.


5. Sew the short ends of 3 strips of fabric together and begin braiding. The nice thing about using the balls is that you can just roll them around and they don't get tangled up.


6. As a ball ends, sew on another ball.


7. Once it gets to a good length, you lay out a piece of the braided rope in the middle and start going around in a circle. Sew the sides together and make sure it lays flat. (This is where I messed up, I ended up with a big braided cradle rather than a rug but then I was 15 when I tried to make one.)


Good luck and I hope you find some nice sites.:001_smile:

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