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Facebook experts, I have a question


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I'm using my FB account mostly for group memberships these days, but I'm starting to realize that I'm not seeing all group posts in my newsfeed. It seems like, for a few groups, I do see all the posts (for example, the Instant Pot Community pretty much dominates my feed), but for some of the other groups, I'm seeing maybe every third or fourth post. 


I checked, and I'm "following" all my groups. The notification settings are set so that I only receive highlights, but I thought that had to do with the notifications I receive via the little icon at the top of the screen, not what I see in my newsfeed. Or am I incorrect, and changing that setting will show everything in me feed (as well as give me a million notifications)?


Am I missing some setting or link here? Or is this just how the stupid FB algorithm works? I really don't want to have to go visit every group constantly just so that they'll show up in my newsfeed. That kind of defeats the purpose of following them in the first place! 


Thanks :D

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I oversee a group page for a program. We have people who like the page/join the group who stop seeing posts after a while. We finally figured out that if they didn't 'like' a post occasionally they would stop seeing posts. I guess FB figures that if they don't 'like' things or comment they must not be interested anymore.

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