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Some ideas


I'd *love* to learn Latin.  I've worked through the first half of Wheelock's (though would probably have to start from scratch at this point) with the online Latin study group Quasilium.  I'd love to do it "for real" and get all the way through the book - or some other book, it doesn't make a difference.


I'm interested in working through the History of the World series you wrote Susan.  I've read through the first two, but feel like it went in one ear and out the other due to lack of discussion and thought around each chapter.  Maybe I need a book club more than anything?  Written assignments work, but it's a lot more time consuming which is always an issue for homeschooling parents, I suspect.  If that's a little too much for a class, zeroing on more specific time periods is great.  I really enjoyed a lecture from Great Courses on the Reformation.  Fascinating stuff, the way modern Europe was formed (roughly)!  Also loved the Story of Science.  Now that I think about it, a guided "book club" format might be just right!  The only book clubs in my area are based on "chick-lit" which just isn't as interesting to me.  Any great book, really.  Expand my horizons lol!


Finally, a class on writing.  I've never done college-level writing, except a business writing course, and it intimidates the heck out of me.  I'd love to learn the basics!


No rush lol!  I can probably only do one class at a time (four kids under 10, including a preschooler as well as a ranch complete with hand-milked dairy cows).

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I would second all those suggestions. I would sign up for all three of those, Latin, Writing, and History.

I'd also be interested in more classes on teaching methods. I almost signed up for the class on teaching arithmetic, but I couldn't do two classes this semester.

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I'm enjoying the WEMA class I'm taking, and adding more options in the future would be great... I second all the suggestions made by Tawlas... I would sign up for any o f those classes.. especially the history and writing class. I would add a science thought discussion class, that follows the books discussed in The Story of Western Science: From the Writings of Aristotle to the Big Bang Theory    . I would love that. 


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