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JAWM: Why can't the consulate be like the DMV and take my picture themselves?


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I just need to take a digital selfie with a white background and crop to size before uploading for our online passport application. Then collect from my consultate when ready. Only DS10 is a US citizen and need an actual photo.


Shops who are travel visa agents are good at taking passport photos for many different countries. They are used to the different size requirements.

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If you were a citizen of another country, applying for a U.S. Tourist Visa, they would probably get your Biometrics, as you would like. When my wife applied for a new U.S. Visa (she had to go in person because they did not have her Biometrics) they took her picture, got a full set of fingerprints, and I think also the Iris or something of her eyes.  Then, 2 days later, she went for her visa interview, which in Colombia typically lasts 2 or 3 minutes.


I have taken in the information when I needed to renew my U.S. Passport, so they could create a photo that meets U.S. requirements.   


Have a safe trip!

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