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Rightstart C to Math Mammoth?

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DS finished RSC 2nd Ed last year and I'm having the hardest time getting D done this year. I have a new baby and just less time to teach math this year. (and admittedly less interest in teaching it as well)


I'm wondering if anyone has advice about switching to Math Mammoth?

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We did it. RS A-C and went right to MM 3 this year. My Ds is enjoying the mastery approach and the more incremental teaching.


We worked on bar models today I love how she teaches them.


RS was good but too spiral and made too many jumps that my Ds couldn't follow. MM also has more practice.

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Yes, we did use the 2nd edition.

I am using wrap-ups, Math Minutes ( which so far are very easy) and RS games for review.


MM is not self-teaching for Ds. I actively teach and sit with him through every lesson. We still use the abacus too. My Dd switched after RS E into MM 5 and is largely independent. Different kids...

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