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Detroit lawsuit for literacy


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I think they have a very good point.  I wonder how it will go?


I just wrote a Google+ article called "Closing the Gap in Reading" that is related with some possible solutions.




A key point from the footnotes:


The "I See Sam" program took 20 to 30 minutes daily to complete and required 25 weeks to complete. The study found that disadvantaged children were ready to read in K but required a "slight increase in the instructional time to complete the first several units of the program." p. 913

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I read the first part of the article. It would IMO begin with a basic dedication on the part of the school board, Administrators and Educators (all of whom we will assume are extremely well prepared and motivated to do the best they possibly can, which I believe is not true in many cities in 2016), , , and not just to be there for the benefits (long vacations, pensions, etc.).  It would also require not just students being required to pass examinations, it would require Mastery. It would require them ending Automatic Promotion. TTUISD posted a link to this video in their Facebook page yesterday. It is about 5 minutes long. I think it is awesome. I believe, like Red Hat, that examinations do not prove Mastery. That is why for Red Hat Certification there are 2  steps: Written examination, which they have found many people who do not have Mastery can successfully pass, and then they give them a computer and tell them to do something with it. Many people fail the practical part of the process, because they have no Mastery.    This is the link:



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